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  1. Looking for some help on finding a map

    New user here. I am running a pathfinder home brew and need to find a map. Its a clockwork college graduate final exam temple. Its a 9 level in the ground round map. On the top of the hole is a clock work crane. The levels are around the side of hole. The middle is open and looking down you see a templar cross on top of a compass. Think a round parking structure. Looking for something close, or how much to make me a new 1? you can contact me at
  2. Sleetvale

    So I've got a game coming up and I wanted an area map and sat down to draw one. I may have gone over the top but enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I'll admit I still do need to work on my lettering and being more clear on finer details.

    Edit: Changed scale from 1cm:1km to 1cm:5km. I felt it was too small before.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Wild Magic Surge: Inspiration

    TBH, I was on the toilet and got an idea for a town map I really want to draw. Mostly based or inspired by Guild War's 'Kryta' (GW1) but with with my own twists, adds and preferences to the point of unrecognisability.

    Key things I've jolted down; a double bight location forming a natural double harbour, the inner harbour mostly filled, the middle with a docks and edges farmland (salt water crops?), the outer with an island fortress with smaller islands on side and a harbour proper ...
  4. AP1-The Isles of Sarlona - LAUNCHED

    I'm excited to say I've launched my first adventure module which is around my map called the Isles of Sarlona. Since it is around 9 islands I included my merchant ships map and row boat maps/tiles as well as a dungeon to explore within one of the isles.

    It is available exclusively on Patreon, but here is a teaser to hopefully get you interested. ...

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  5. World Map - Update

    So, I've managed to get my files into a better format.

    Here's an image of my world with latitude markings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love to hear any comments.
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    World Maps
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