• 3 new map products now on Kickstarter!

    The Kickstarter page for Christopher West's next double-sided poster map, Mass Transit IV, is now live! If the funding goal reaches higher levels, additional map tiles and posters will also be printed. Please check it out and, if you like what you see, help him spread the word about these new products:


    Oh, and check out the video for a close look at all of this new stuff! The first goal is to print poster-sized deck plans of a new starship, The Nova Eclipse. If we double the goal, the Alien Starship tiles get printed. Finally, if we triple it, a new blank battle grid and associated cargo bits will be published as well!

    If you're not much into sci-fi maps, the Alien Starship Tiles could be useful in a fantasy game as the guts of a gigantic creature, or a Mind Flayer's creepy dwelling place. Just sayin'.

    Thanks for any support you can give!