• Atlas Awards 2018 - Vote Vote Vote!

    Voting's underway for the 2018 edition of the Atlas Awards, and you've only got a few days left to submit your vote. We have eight categories, covering a variety of mapping styles, and we want you to choose your favourite for each.

    You can check out the nominations and submit your votes here...

    We're using a Google Form to gather the votes this year. On the first page of the form, enter your Guild user name and email. If we don't recognize your name, your vote may not be counted. The email address is to confirm that it's you. After that's done, click 'Next', and you can begin voting. Each category has its own page on the form. Just click the checkbox next to the map you want to vote for, then click next at the bottom of the page. If you don’t want to vote in a category, you can skip it completely. If you change your mind about a category, click 'Back' and choose something else.

    On the final page, click ‘Submit’ to send in your votes. It’s important you click ‘Submit’ on the final page. If you don’t, we won't receive any of your votes. Once you DO hit Submit, that's it - your votes are final. You can have your votes emailed to you, if you choose, via the slider button on the last page.

    If you'd like to talk about your vote, or have any questions, head for the discussion thread.

    The poll will close on Sunday evening (11th March), so don't delay. Go vote for your favourites now!

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