• Weekly Round-up - 12th March, 2018

    Welcome to the weekly round-up, a summary of all that’s been happening at the Guild over the past seven days.

    Challenge News

    Feb / March 2018 Lite Challenge - Map my world!

    The Lite Challenge ends Wednesday night, 14th March, so finish up your entries and get them posted. We’ve got some amazing maps this month. Take a look here.

    March 2018 Challenge - Map a Feud

    March’s regular challenge, running till the end of the month, is ‘Map a Feud’. If you’d like to map anything from Romeo and Juliet’s doomed love, to a family fighting over an inheritance, now’s your chance. There’s more info in the Intro thread.

    Mapping Challenge Suggestions

    We have a new mapping challenge suggestion from Greason Wolfe: 'A Blast From the Past'. Greason writes...
    "Recently I was going through some old hard drives to see if there was anything on them that I wanted to save before reformatting them for storage space and came across an old base map or two from challenges way back when I first started being active here and it got me to thinking/wondering if newer members (and older members for that matter) would be interested in revisiting old challenges. Not so much redoing a random map from a previous challenge, but a specific challenge..."

    If you like the idea, leave a comment in the thread.

    Atlas Awards

    By the time this post is published, voting will have ended for the Atlas Awards, and Diamond will be announcing our winners very soon. Watch this space!

    Five Threads to check out

    The latest work-in-progress threads, interesting discussions, new tutorials etc etc. It's all here.

    • Kacey has started a thread for her 'Practice sketches, experiments and not so mapy things'.
    • City map of Caragon by Neyasha - 'I did this map more than 10 years ago with quill pen and ink and it took me ages...'
    • Dark Alley battlemap, by Chronist - 'The Battlemap shows a Backyard Alley of Port Grim.'
    • Planetary Base by Francissimo - 'After a while building space bases i realised i've never tried to map an outer planet outpost, and that's the begining of this little project...'
    • Wyrmling's Lair by aeshnidae - The dwarven city of Kuglutuk is built in old dwarven mines. The dwarves have never stopped mining and the city expands ever deeper as the years pass. But now something stirs in the mines, beyond the underground lake that the dwarves have yet to cross...

    Five Finished Maps

    Check out our latest completed maps from the last week.

    Around the web

    Some links for your reading/viewing pleasure...

    If you're in the vicinity of Tampa Bay, be sure to check out the new Touchton Map Library.

    Atlas Obscura claims 'The definitive map of the world’s extraordinary sights', all 13,262 of them! What's in your area?

    From History Today, 'The landmarks of Victorian London, painted onto a fashionable leather glove.'

    It was International Women's Day last week. A couple of sites did features on prominent female cartographers.

    If you've considered ditching Illustrator for Affinity Designer, EnvatoTuts has created a post on the pros and cons.

    A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions.

    From Worlds Revealed LOC blog, 'Extremities of the Earth: The Highest Point From Sea Level'.

    Some pretty maps, just because!

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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Arimel's Avatar
      Arimel -
      Very interesting yet again (especially the map on the global weather, wind, & ocean). These posts are certainly a great way to start a mapping week.
    1. Mouse's Avatar
      Mouse -
      Thanks once again for all your hard work on this, ChickPea

      That EnvatoTuts article was extremely interesting... though I do admit to having a bit of a headache now after reading it. So detailed! LOL!
    1. Neyasha's Avatar
      Neyasha -
      I didn't expect to find my thread in the Weekly Round-up - I loved this round-ups even before I registered, so I'm quite excited right now.

      The map of Atlas Obscura is very interesting. I've never ever heard of the "Kugelmugel", although I go jogging nearby every week. Will definitely have to check this out.
    1. ChickPea's Avatar
      ChickPea -
      Thanks so much, folks. I'm very happy you enjoy these posts.

      Neyasha, your city map is fab and I was enjoying the discussion about how to develop it. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you.
    1. ThomasR's Avatar
      ThomasR -
      Thanks for those links CP, the wind map is outstanding !