• Weekly Round-up - 25th March, 2018

    Welcome to the weekly round-up, a summary of what’s happened at the Guild over the past seven days.

    Atlas Awards

    Our Atlas Awards recap post is up. It lists all our winners, as well as some amazing maps showing the vote breakdown, courtesy of Ilanthar and J.Edward. If you haven’t had a look at it already, you can see it here.

    Challenge News

    March/April 2018 Lite Challenge : Map Guild World

    Our latest Lite Challenge is ‘Map Guild World’, where we ask you to map something named after Guild member(s). Bogie writes..

    “...the idea is to create any kind of map you want, but every part must be named after Guild members. Lots of ways to do this. One way is a Regional or continental map where everything is named Diamond Mountains, Kaceyville, The Great Desert of Straf, etc. Or a city map with streets and buildings and points of interest with names like Mouse Lane, Arsheesh Park, Chashio Court..... Then again one clever cartographer made a really cool fantasy building and noted where each of us lived, I loved Bogies Room but I wish they would let me out more often....”

    Challenge runs till mid-April. More info here.

    March 2018 Challenge : Map a Feud

    There are only a few days left before March’s challenge ends, though still time to enter if you’re fast. Closing time will most likely be evening time on 31st March (Pacific timezone), though if you keep an eye on the main challenge thread, Diamond will post an update with more precise information.

    In the meantime, check out the entries here.

    Five Threads to check out

    The latest work-in-progress threads, interesting discussions, new tutorials etc etc. It's all here.

    Five Finished Maps

    Check out our latest completed maps from the last week.

    Around the web

    Some links for your reading/viewing pleasure...

    Taking a break next week, as I'll be away for a couple of days over Easter, so we'll be back again in two weeks time.

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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Mouse's Avatar
      Mouse -
      Another excellent round-up, ChickPea - on top of all the extra Atlas Awards stuff you've been doing!

      A whole load of interesting stuff, and thank you very much for alerting this very sleepy mouse to the Krita update!
    1. Azélor's Avatar
      Azélor -
      It's always interesting to read.
      The meaning of the countries names had me laugh a few times.
      Some are pretty strange like Algeria is the land of islands despite being located in a desert.
      Most worldbuilders would not have taught of that name.
    1. Arimel's Avatar
      Arimel -
      I must agree that the country name meanings were rather funny. Too bad Greenland's name was not present though. I would like to see if it had some unknown meaning.

      Another great roundup as always by the way.
    1. Ilanthar's Avatar
      Ilanthar -
      Thanks ChickPea! I'm testing Krita 4, thanks to you .
      I barely explored the previous one, though, so I confess I'm a bit lost with it, but still, an obvious improvement.
    1. kacey's Avatar
      kacey -
      Great round up as always ChickPea and thanks to you I spent the only after noon I have to myself all week reading through the links you posted and got absolutely nothing done... I really enjoy the around the web portion, I don’t know how you find this stuff, that map about country names is really fun.