• Atlas Awards 2020 - It's time to nominate!

    It's Atlas Awards time again!

    If you're new to the Guild, the Atlas Awards are our 'Oscars', where we nominate and vote for the best maps made in the last year. All members are free (and encouraged) to nominate their favourite maps, and to vote once the poll opens.

    Any map that was posted in the 'Finished Maps' folder during 2019 is eligible for nomination. You can view all eligible maps here.

    Nomination threads are found within the Atlas Awards folder, but I've also linked to each category below:

    NOTE: Please read the Intro post before posting any nomination, to be sure your picks comply with the rules. If you have any questions, you can post them in the intro thread too. Please keep the nomination threads purely for nominations, and not discussion.

    The nomination threads will be open for four weeks, closing around 14th/15th Feb, depending on when we can get to it (this will be confirmed nearer closing date). Voting will start a few days after that, but we'll keep you posted.

    Now go nominate your favourites!

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