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  1. Thanks for the rep and comment on my Rooftop Living entry!
  2. Thanks for the REP!
  3. Thank you very much for the Vote!
  4. Thanks for the REP, glad you liked the map. It sounds like we have similar players!
  5. A belated but heartfelt thank you for your vote on my Potter map. I will miss taking part in the Lite Challenges, they're always such fun!
  6. I appreciate the vote!
  7. Thanks for the vote, rep, and awesome comment on Roland's Journey! And thanks for running the lite challenges, I've been enjoying them greatly!
  8. Thanks for the vote, Bogie! It's much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the vote, rep, and nice comment, Bogie! Have a great trip!
  10. Thanks for the rep on my stamp entry! (ETA: And the vote, too!)
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