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Thread: WIP -- The World of Duskfell

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    Default WIP -- The World of Duskfell

    I'm still fairly new to this site and the community but I wanted to share some of my world building you all. As it stands I have a good portion of the geography figured out and will shortly be working on a set of symbols for my numerous towns, cities, &c..

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    I decided right off the bat that I wanted my world to tell a narrative. This is to say that I want the viewer to look at it and start to ask questions and begin to engage with the storied past of my world in all but a glance. To this end I decided to carve out a circular region on west side of the continent. I deliberately wish to make it look as if some sort of destructive force ripped the world assunder, carving out a new sea, thrusting up new coastal mountain ranges, and creating islands in the oceanic folds of the blast. I have'nt completely narrated this part out yet, but it will be a major story element for the purpose of defining the history of my world, Duskfell.

    I will be adding town, city, &c. markers soon, but I would to have your feedback. What do you think of this narrative/storried approach? Have you used it with success, and if so, what other ways are there for conveying cartographic visual narratives?


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    OK, been playing around and added a parchement background and placed a couple towns, cities, and major landmarks. I would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding the symbols I added. I have been trying to develope my own style and am liking the silhouette a bit.

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    Spent a little time with gimp and played around with adding names and a little pit of color. I must say, gimp doesn't handle text as well as I'd hoped.

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