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Thread: WIP First hand drawn map!

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    Wip WIP First hand drawn map!

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    Hey Everyone!!

    I decided I'd try my hand at the ol' pencil and paper, and I could certainly use some advice as always. I'm really happy with the shape of the continents, I think the mountains are looking alright, having trouble getting the forests to look good in relationship to the height of the mountains.

    I'm by no means an artist, so I would love some feedback as I continue to work on this!!


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    Hi there, I don't know how much I can help as I am pretty new at exploring my skills as an artist, but I was wondering, are the trees completely surrounding the mountains? If that is indeed the case, maybe add some other features such as rivers or valleys to help break up the space. Or maybe show the tree line coming up to the base of the mountains. Or, explore different methods of portraying trees, such as the individual tree method.

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