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Thread: Subterranean Lair - WIP CC

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    Question Subterranean Lair - WIP CC

    I have created this Lair with 2 stages of secret subterranean chambers. The Entrance is a ransacked abandoned temple. Behind a secret door is a library with a gallery loft. In the washroom off the library is another secret door to a chamber called the crossroads. The focal point of this room is the 4 gateways to other planes in the center of a magma lake.

    I have got to a point with this map that I am happy with but I still feel like I have left something on the table. Do you have any tips on how to draw title blocks, or layout an isometric dungeon to maximize the beauty of the map. Or you know, any other constructive criticism you may have.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks great to me!

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    I don't think there's anything left to be done, this is really well done! Have some rep!

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    Thanks guys!

    I am new here. What is reputation?

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    Very cool.

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    Very good looking map.

    Quote Originally Posted by Royalwood View Post
    What is reputation?
    If you haven't already found out, there is a sticky thread in the 'Main: General Discussion' forum What is "Rep" and how do I use it?

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    Hi Adam, I like your map. Here's some feedback, perhaps useful:

    The magma doesn't look much like magma (more like brown, lacquered wood at first glance), and the grass doesn't look very grassy; their textures aren't isometric, which makes them look out of place, as opposed to the stone floors which look great. The grass texture would look less flat if you made it darker but left a bit of bright texture in the middle, creating a path to the entrance,.

    If you are planning to print this map I would also fix some of the edges. The high contrast areas like the text and the isometric grid with 1 pixel wide, hard edge and no anti-aliasing could be especially problematic, even for a good quality printer.

    I like how the lowest level reminds me of Diablo, I love old games. Also I wonder how you created your map, would you share a bit about your creative process if you have a spare moment?

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