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    how can we create a map..

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    Perhaps take a look here...

    If you give a little more information on what precisely you're trying to do, you'll get better advice.
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    I would say the first thing, is to decide what type of map you want to create. Are you creating a world? Or do you only need a specific region? Maybe you are mapping a kingdom, or empire. Maybe you need a city map, or town or village. Or is it an underground map, like a dungeon or sewer?

    It also helps to decide why you are creating the map. Is it for game? A story or novel? Just for the enjoyment of making the map? Is it supposed to be a work of art? Or does it have a more practical purpose?

    You also need to know what type of map it is. Is it going to be a fantasy map? or a map based on real places?

    Once you have those questions answered, you can figure out how you want to create the map, whether you are using a program, or hand drawing it. Then it's just a matter of actually doing it.
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    has anyone else read "rogerjones's" other one line posts ?

    they look a bit like a bot has posted them ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnvanvliet View Post
    has anyone else read "rogerjones's" other one line posts ?

    they look a bit like a bot has posted them ?
    I think you have a point.
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