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Thread: June 2019 Challenge: Keretara

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    Default June 2019 Challenge: Keretara

    Hello folks.

    First of all, allow me to apologise for the poor quality of my first WIP image. I'll try to get a proper scan soon.

    Now, in my ever-going quests to improve the speed at which I make maps and get more map projects actually finished, I've decided to enter this challenge (that, and, of course, the really interesting idea behind this month's challenge). I'm going to make this map with the express purpose of trying to get it finished really fast. That said, I may not have chosen the best month to try this out, as I have my final exam in less than 2 weeks

    Anyway, allow me to present to you the city of Keretara (meaning, in the Ha'ulo language "Keret's chasm"). Keretara is a colonial town on the northern frontier of the Ha'ulo kingdom. The Ha'ulese are a warm-water dwelling people, but, seeking to enrich themselves and expand their territory, they have ventured into colder waters, and have already experienced some clashes with the native Vaotula since arriving. Keretara is located on the edge of a vast ocean chasm, within close proximity to underwater volcanic vents. These vents provide the Ha'ulese with access to obsidian, an essential resource in a realm where metallurgy is unknown.

    I've gone for a 'typical' underwater architecture - shellfish-inspired forms and tapering towers. Quick note: the map is meant to be rotated, so the giant clam with the map of Ha'ulo is on the bottom

    (And, lastly, acknowledgement to for the names )

    As always, feel free to drop some critiques and comments


    ### Latest WIP ###
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    It looks like a super cool and promising start ! Oh, I can't wait to see what you'll do with it !

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    Great start, Wingshaw! The shell on the bottom with the globe as a pearl is a reeeally nice detail! Love it.

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    I really like the shapes here, excited to see more!

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    This is going to be so sweet when it's done, Wingshaw. The clamshell idea is brilliant, and will provide an awesome center piece for this one.

    I wish you all the luck with being speedy, in the pirate challenge a few months ago, I was juggling a lot of life while trying to hammer out a good map, so I know how it feels.

    As with fellows, can't wait to see more!



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    Very promising indeed. I like the towering structures, which sort of remind me of coral. Looking forward to seeing the next update.


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