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    Hello everyone! Found this forum looking for a nice castle map for a DnD game i'm running and was really impressed with all the various maps that people have made! I've been experimenting with drawing some maps for our games, and well i guess i just want to learn more about drawing maps because it gives great flavor to our games!

    Are there any particular programs or guides you guys would recommend for a complete noob?

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    Im a new join myself, and a noob, so I cant really recommend anything. Im doing hand drawn stuff right now. Just came to welcome you and spread some love!!

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    hello shadowcitadel! i started off with campaign cartographer 3+ but i am sure there's loads to learn from the community here.
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    I've been using Other World Mapper and it's working out pretty well and I think it would be very useful for a beginner to use the dungeon mapping tools to make a castle layout. Other people use Wonderdraft, they also seem to get decent enough results but I've never tried it. I also have a list of all the free fantasy map generator tools I could find, some of them might help you.

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