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Village of Marmenadir by sirinkman
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  1. Aurélien Arkadiusz
    The Traders Path is a nice touch. Firstly, together with the beach and dock detailing, it helps reinforce the authenticity of your village setup. Secondly, 'tis the sort of feature that draws the viewer into your map, as one wonders both about the effort needed to carry heavy loads up to the village, and also about the difficulty of getting safely back down to the beach after drinking at the inn. It would be interesting, too, to know what preparations the villagers have made to deal with night raiders from the sea.
  2. J.Edward
    Hey Aurelien, thanks for the compliment.
    So for the most part the large loads would be off-loaded at the docks.
    The Trader's Path is for a captain to go up to the traders hall and haggle about price 'before' unloading the wares.
    Well, night raiders... that might get dealt with by the pirates that already hang out in the caves... but shush... that's a secret.
    The town is actually a front for pirates already.

    Oh, and the drinking usually goes on down in Kraken's Knuckle, which is a pub... which I probably should have said in the label.
  3. Aurélien Arkadiusz
    Thanks for the additional detail, J. Edward. Your Marmenadir Village sounds like a lively - and risky - place for a vacation. 'Twould be an ideal holiday spot for a skilled and well-armed mercenary, looking for some action, especially if he had a squad of his buddies lurking in a hidden camp somewhere on the shores of the Shadir Logh.....
  4. J.Edward
    He could join up with Kriefnir House, which is the home to most of the non-pirate man-at-arms in the village.
    And eventually he could join up with the crews that go raiding way down south along the coasts of Qalash and Shembazi - rough areas to be sure.
    But mysterious and dangerous.
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