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  1. Map Portfolios

    What's the point of having a blog, if I don't blog, right?

    And so this is how I came about posting, again, after a rather long absence, here. Ah, nothing quite like good intentions, eh? Why, I'll just create a blog on this Cartographers' Guild site, and begin blogging away. Just. like. That.


    Today, I thought that I might dip my toes in the cartographic waters, again. Knowing what to actually blog about can be a bit mystifying. Why write it? Who'll ...
    Map Portfolio
  2. 【Kagarihara Prefecture】 Introducing the commission illustration I completed.【篝原県】

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	篝原県篝原市域図 完成版 05 &#1.png 
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Size:	1.72 MB 
ID:	134908
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	篝原県篝原市域図 完成版 05 &#1.png 
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Size:	949.4 KB 
ID:	134909
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	篝原県篝原市域図 完成版 05 &#1.png 
Views:	77 
Size:	5.48 MB 
ID:	134910

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long time. My name is Takutaku.
    It's been a few years since I posted.

    I would like to introduce you to the project I was in charge of.
    This map is a map of a fictitious prefecture, "Kagarihara", in a fictitious world resembling the Japanese archipelago.

    I drew a modern map.
    You can ...
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  3. World of Woodiea

    Quote Originally Posted by WoodytheClimateGuy View Post
    Hello! I am working on my second map project overall, but this is my first original map project, called Woodiea. The goal of creating this world is to create a Koppen climate map as well as realistic map. Hello! I am making a map of a fictional world, dubbed Woodiea. In honor of my birthday, here is the first progress update of the revised version of Woodiea.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Earth 96639-ResizedOriginal2.png 
Views:	110 
Size:	1.13 MB 
ID:	133388

    North Pole:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Earth 96639-ResizedOriginal2 (North Pole).png 
Views:	247 
Size:	742.3 KB 
ID:	133389

    Updated 05-04-2022 at 10:28 PM by WoodytheClimateGuy

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  4. A nice YouTube video.

    by , 01-31-2022 at 06:00 PM (Redrobes blog about playing with the technical side of graphics.)
    I was pointed at this informative video from Gleb Alexandrov who is showing how anyone with a suitable CUDA enabled machine can do some nice 3D object generation using all free open source tools - but principally Meshroom and Blender.

    The video has some useful tips about improving the generation of the model in Meshroom by inserting some custom steps into the standard path and then also goes into some considerable depth about ...
  5. Sadly, there will be no images for some time.

    I am a travelling, artistic, handi-craftsman

    I am a skilled illustrator, and impassioned writer, with a prevailing fascination for collecting, interpreting, and consolidating an archive for observational, applied, field-research analysis; to be utilized for a broad spectrum of spacial, statistical, and referential transcription renditions.

    These serve as intellectual apogee's in portraying theoretical, philosophical, and experimental "~territories~", for ...
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