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  1. Sadly, there will be no images for some time.

    I am a travelling, artistic, handi-craftsman

    I am a skilled illustrator, and impassioned writer, with a prevailing fascination for collecting, interpreting, and consolidating an archive for observational, applied, field-research analysis; to be utilized for a broad spectrum of spacial, statistical, and referential transcription renditions.

    These serve as intellectual apogee's in portraying theoretical, philosophical, and experimental "~territories~", for ...
  2. 02 - Digital vs Traditional

    So instead of cutting down the trees in my backyard to supply me with paper for all my revisions, I decided to just go digital. It definitely made things easier to tweak and play around with to get a coastline I was happy with. It was kind of a double edged sword because I noodled around with it for so long, and the app I used really let me get lost in sub-pixel-change game for way long than I ever should of. Anyway, I really wanted a version of this map to be the version. A objective, absolute ...
  3. 01 - Supermarket Cart's Super Map Blog

    I'm positive nobody is reading this but that is okay. Ideal actually.

    I am just starting out in a new hobby which is obviously cartography. Instead of posting a new thread every time I draw a crappy map, I can just update my progress with a new blog entry. In addition I can kind of just think out loud about my thought process and whatever when I update it. I know nobody is going to want to hear me blab about this in my personal life; not until they see my epic super maps anyway. ...
  4. Slitherine Games are looking for a full-time 2D artist, remote or on-site

    Quote Originally Posted by zogthedoomed View Post
    Game Artist
    Posted: Apr 12, 2021

    Slitherine Software is a strategy game publisher and developer based in Epsom, near London, but with a team spread around the world. We are currently looking for a game artist to join us, either working locally in the Epsom office or remotely from home, to work on a number of strategy titles currently in development.

    Who you are . . .

    Strong portfolio, with an emphasis on UI, cartography and graphic design.
  5. Building a world

    Hello. I'm creating a map for a homebrew d&d game that will eventually evolve into something new. I'm creating a new world from scratch, and I mean the world itself is "new". Over the course of building this world I'll post pictures, sections of map, and probably ask a list of ignorant questions. And I may ask for input on the world itself, if anyone is willing to put their two cents in.
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