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  1. Dumb Grows, Well, Dumber...

    Sorry, I've been off the map for so long. I've been meaning to get to my epic city map, but I just spent the last three months driving around the country on storm duty. However, I did chat with Arcana a while back and he had advised that blogs on this site are not limited to just map blogs, so I thought I'd post one of my none map blogs that has a lot of character and is not too long, so here goes:

    Meet Kishrub and Zulbash, a pair of “hug at your own risk” big dumb ...

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  2. The Vycana Strait - A Political Map

    Quote Originally Posted by Larion View Post
    After putting the map down, and picking it back up a few days later, I decided to make a large number of minor tweaks. Mostly name changes. I also changed population sizes to more accurately reflect medieval demographics. I added in dots that represent villages. And I made the mountains smaller but more plentiful

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    - UPDATED VERSION - As of 4.18.13
  3. A Troll in the Kissing Booth

    It's been a while. I decided to check up on the old mapping community. I kind of miss the simple joys of mapping prior to all the other fantasy I'm working on. I had meant to blog next about my epic city Doljinaar, City of Kings, but alas my toil has been for naught and I have thus far failed to create my epic city map. Trouble is, I have this idea for an epic vertical map I need to go alongside with my top view of the city I've completed already. Try and try as I may, I lack the art skills to pull ...
  4. A Ghost & a Whisper…

    I’ve posted a few of my maps and more humorous blogs here, but I thought I’d take a moment to talk about one of my favorite more serious characters. He’s an assassin, like my lead character Shade, but he is a ballsy and chillingly capable rival who is a true threat to Shade’s crown as world’s top assassin. I call him Raithe and he’s got quite the tongue on him. Let’s begin with a quote from the man’s very lips:

    “Of course, I don’t have so widely esteemed reputation as you, Shade, ...
  5. Current WIPs

    Currently working on three very different maps for three different authors. I also recently found the map I started for my own books, but it is so sad and unloved, haha! I barely sketched out the coastline and threw some names on there. I should really start actually working on that one. I need to hurry up and finish these maps first.

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