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  1. Sadly, there will be no images for some time.

    I am a travelling, artistic, handi-craftsman

    I am a skilled illustrator, and impassioned writer, with a prevailing fascination for collecting, interpreting, and consolidating an archive for observational, applied, field-research analysis; to be utilized for a broad spectrum of spacial, statistical, and referential transcription renditions.

    These serve as intellectual apogee's in portraying theoretical, philosophical, and experimental "~territories~", for ...
  2. Building a world

    Hello. I'm creating a map for a homebrew d&d game that will eventually evolve into something new. I'm creating a new world from scratch, and I mean the world itself is "new". Over the course of building this world I'll post pictures, sections of map, and probably ask a list of ignorant questions. And I may ask for input on the world itself, if anyone is willing to put their two cents in.
  3. Voruka-Nime Spaceport

    Made this one for an Edge of the Empire RPG homebrew adventure (Inspired by the Mandalorian).
    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. The Maps in my 5'' by 8.25'' Moleskin: City Protecting a Scarce and Holy Water Spring

    Preliminary Note: The city itself is only 7 inches long and completely hand drawn

    The idea is simple: a sacred water source with generative powers (various entities emerge from the water and must be protect in the sites around the central spring's lake) is the nexus of a city. Not only is the surrounding landscape desert and the water is important to survive, but the generative powers cannot be allowed to enter the hands of others.... This blog post contains some of my thoughts as ...
  5. Hey I do have access to the Blogs! Here's Heliograve. Work in Progress

    Well, this is super neat, here I was fool enough not to have realised I had access to the blogs :/ Never mind that now, here's my current hobby project, with the worst productivity schedule but hey, I'm getting there!

    A few points;
    *The file I uploaded is a lot smaller in the detail sense; that is I exported a jpg at 50 detail. So some smaller details is lost, but the big picture is in tack.
    *Yeah, I've come a long way, got even further than that to go. Good thing I' ...
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