• Monthly Round-up - 10th December 2018

    Welcome to our new monthly round-up blog post. It's not quite a month since I last posted, but I'm hoping to get into the routine of posting somewhere around the end of the first week of the month(ish!) so it should be every four weeks or thereabouts from now on. Let's dive in!

    Challenge News

    November 2018 challenge : Map A Story

    November's challenge, in honour of NaNoWriMo, invited participants to Map a Story. After a nail-bitingly close vote, our congrats go to Ifrix for map 'The Continent of Ithira'. Ifrix wins a first gold compass, and pats on the back from everyone at the Guild. Check out the WIP thread here.

    Honourable mention to runner-up MistyBeee, who lost out by one vote. Check out her excellent map 'Hogsmede'.

    December 2018 challenge : Remember December

    December's challenge has started, and we want to see some of your personal December associations...
    If I say 'December', what pops into your mind? Is it Christmas and Santa? Sparkly trees, turkey and the North Pole? Or maybe a 'Winter Wonderland' theme, with snow and ice? Or, if you're in the southern hemisphere, December might mean sunshine and tropical beaches. Perhaps there's a place you visit every year around this time? Or a favourite book you like to read, or a movie you like to watch, during the holidays? Maybe you enjoy some mammoth D & D sessions over the festive period with friends or family? Create a map inspired by something that you associate with December. It can be real or fictional, any genre, any style.

    If you have questions, ask 'em in the intro thread. Let's see some maps!

    Nov / Dec '18 Lite Challenge: Map the ruins of a lost city/fortress

    The Lite Challenge closes on Friday 14th December so, at the time of publishing, you've only got a few days left to finish up. You can check out the current entries here. Keep an eye on that folder for when Bogie posts the poll at the end of the week.

    Atlas Awards

    Early next year, we'll be asking for nominations for the Atlas Awards and we'll post more on that when we're ready to kick off. In the meantime, can I remind everyone that only works that are posted in 'Finished Maps' during 2018 are eligible for nomination. So, if you've created a challenge map and didn't repost it in Finished Maps, or maybe you completed a WIP and forgot to post the final version, you've got till 31st December to get it into Finished Maps.

    You can easily check back everything you’ve done this year by going to your profile page and clicking ‘Find latest started threads’ from the vertical menu near the top left. If you've missed something, go post it now!

    Five Finished Maps

    Around the web

    Some links for your reading/viewing pleasure.

    Watch out for next monthly round-up early January. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! Have a Mappy New Year when it comes.

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    1. Kellerica's Avatar
      Kellerica -
      Really cool stuff this month. Thanks again for putting this together, CP!

      And Happy Holidays to y'all, I'm looking forward to another year of mappy goodness with you guys!
    1. The Lazy One's Avatar
      The Lazy One -
      Wow, I'm in it! Excellent roundup!
    1. MapMappingMapped's Avatar
      MapMappingMapped -
      Awesome collection! Good job ChickPea!
    1. Ilanthar's Avatar
      Ilanthar -
      That NatGeo Mars animation is a wonder. Thanks again for bringing those to our attention, CP!
    1. aeshnidae's Avatar
      aeshnidae -
      Thanks for all you do here, ChickPea! Including reminding us to post in Finished Maps (related, sorry about the flood of my finished maps today). Happy holidays, all!
    1. MistyBeee's Avatar
      MistyBeee -
      Thanks for working hard for us, ChickPea !!