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  1. Thanks Diamond
    I hope you're doing well.
  2. Happy birthday my dude!
  3. Happy birthday good sir
    Hope today is relaxing and awesome.
    Ooh, and maybe you're out gaming
    That'd make a nice birthday shindig.
  4. Right after I got the phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.
  5. When did you get the new terminator eye upgrade? :O
  6. Thanks for the rep & comment, man. Appreciated.
  7. world-reknown? heck, I can't even imagine that.
    I'm just happy to do what I do and pay bills doing it.
    well..... I'm not really 'happy' paying bills... but you get the picture.
  8. Tomorrow is The Day - 7/7.
  9. Is it your bday? It doesn't show as... if it is, or even if not [haha] Happy Birthday D
    Hope today and every day is awesome, or as awesome as it can be... or as awesome as you can stand.
  10. I don't even notice the seasons anymore I'm so busy! Hope your summer is groovy as well.
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