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  1. No problem - .... apparently I can't post urls in this area. I'll post the link in your thread.
    Chick Pea, from here on the Guild, runs the CG account there on twitter.
  2. Thank you very much for the rep, too. I've asked in the thread, too, but: Can you point me to where these have been posted on Twitter? I have no idea what's going on over there... =)
  3. It is, thank you! =)
  4. Thank you kindly, Sir! ;P
  5. Aaaand thank you for the Rep, dear Sir! ;P
  6. My pleasure Steffen. That city is awesome.
  7. Thank you for the nomination, J.Edward! =)
  8. Again, thank you for both the rep and your comment. =)
  9. Hey Steffen... skype?
  10. Yes, even though I haven't had the time yet to start on my country .
    The three inns I mentioned are done, not even sure I share all of them since they are more or less the whole feature of the product. =)

    Thanks for the rep, an honor as always!
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