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  1. Thanks for the rep on Fuervald and comments on the maps.
    I need to purchase your map packs on DTRPG so I can see how they're done.
    I've been wanting to put one or two packs together.

    So I just bought those.
    Might ask you some questions after I look them over .
  2. Well it was an impressive piece of work to say the least. And thanks for all the hard work you do around here, you are real asset to this community
  3. Thanks for the rep on Haerlech... and for all your comments...
    and for just generally being super cool
  4. Ooh, thanks for reminding me about this - I've been preoccupied with non-Guild stuff for the past couple of weeks and this fell off my radar. Sure, if there are still any slots available I'll take one.
  5. Hey arsheesh - were you going to enter this 10th anniversary challenge thing?
  6. It's my pleasure. I love seeing your new work.
    You've encouraged me many times as well, and it's always appreciated.
  7. Thanks again J. for all the encouragement
  8. Thanks again for the kind words J. I'm honored you think so highly of my map
  9. Apparently I have to rep 6 more people before I can rep you again.
    But... fear not... I shall return with shiny gifts of rep.
    I'm glad you finished Hildroth. It's gorgeous.
  10. Thanks for the Rep on Umi.
    Very much appreciated Arsheesh.
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