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I'm positive nobody is reading this but that is okay. Ideal actually.

I am just starting out in a new hobby which is obviously cartography. Instead of posting a new thread every time I draw a crappy map, I can just update my progress with a new blog entry. In addition I can kind of just think out loud about my thought process and whatever when I update it. I know nobody is going to want to hear me blab about this in my personal life; not until they see my epic super maps anyway.

My main goal with map making is to completely map out a story setting I have been thinking about since 2015 I currently call NV, when I worked at the most boring millwork on the planet. I also just like drawing and am curious how much I will feel motivated to keep drawing maps after I (hopefully) finish my setting.

This is the first map I drew after finding out about this website. I call it Fia. Something about finding a place where people take this seriously just made me want to take this seriously. I guess I never really thought about people making maps before very much. Anyway, I just absent mindedly drew this while watching a movie or something and for some reason just really liked it.
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This is the first revision of Fia which I really don't like. At the time of writing this I have the third revision almost done, which I also don't like. I don't think I'm going even bother finishing it because I think I know what I like and don't like about it.
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  1. Arimel's Avatar
    You may not like the latest incarnation of the map there but it looks pretty good to me! I like the coastal rivers. The idea of doing them as almost dashed lines is really neat, something I may try my hand at in the future.

    And I think you made a slight rookie mistake in thinking that the mapping ends with the 'completion' of a world. Just watch the 'whats new' thread for a week and you will see at least one person restarting or redoing a world they already completed once, twice, three times or more (you have nearly started this with a third revision of this map already). The mapping bug will catch soon enough if you keep at it!
  2. Diamond's Avatar
    Yup, I agree with Arimel. Once you start mapping your conworld, it's hard to stop remapping it, because you're always thinking of things you want to add, things you forgot, things you could redo better, new techniques you want to try out. It's a happy hardship.