1. Cage5713
    >Normally I would go to Reddit, however most of my players are heathens and will find my post and may spoil some of my Pathfinder campaign ideas.
    >I have an overall plot for the campaign and I'm looking for some more fillers for it. Its a nordic/viking theme campaign and there is a cult that is looking to revive (insert name of some old god/titan/giant) in order to hasten the coming of Ragnarok. The cult leaders (there are 4) were promised great power in the new world for accomplishing this task.
    >I was looking at some ways to build up to that, how to introduce the cult in a very subtle manner, and how to twist it along the way. I'm also not sure how to go about structuring the cult. Do I give each leader a captain of sorts and then a few members under each captain? That would make it sort of like a hunting mission of an elitist group. Or do I make it a mass orginization with a whole ranking system that has a foothold on each continent?
  2. niekell
    How Nordic/Viking themed are you talking here? Lightly (includes fantasy races common), moderately (fantasy races rare), heavily (no fantasy races), pure (humans, jotunn, alf, svartalf)? Are there class limitations to those classes which are culturally expected? i.e. Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Druid, Cleric, Skald, Sorceror (maybe?), Rogue, Witch? Kind of need more information to base an answer off Cage5713.
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