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Thread: (WIP) Arch City of Nessa'Mor

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    Wip (WIP) Arch City of Nessa'Mor

    Hi everyone,

    This is my very first real city map! And my first WIP on the guild, woohoo!

    I started a world map and thought out a capital city for it. Nessa'Mor. Then, while I was out of action last month, I drew a rough draft of it.

    But there is a LOT for me to learn for city maps and some things are still an enigma for me, so I decided to do it here and chip away at it until the map I want, comes forth.

    Just a note, a year back I think I could only draw stick figures, so I'm still learning even though I've come far with it. Every tip helps!

    Okay here goes...


    A further on tie in for my map. And still a work in progress, but let me know if you enjoy it.

    ~High Cliffs of Nessa’Mor~

    River of Daggers

    Side book
    Omri Hope

    Main Genre: Fantasy Epic
    Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Survival, Discovery, thriller


    Prologue: The chase.....................................
    Chapter 1:

    “”What drives one to risk their lives over and over … to challenge the oppressive weight of the dark even with the smallest of lights? What indeed. Yet, that is the question that stalks me day by day as I attempt that very thing. I just hope that I can keep standing when so many before me have given up on this path.“”
    -Zalia Lightpaw

    The Chase

    Small puffs drifted away as she blew out a breath in the crisp cold of the night air. A flash of memory of kids giggling at the sight was brief, but she bit her lip. This was no time to enjoy it. Danger was close.
    The dagger at her side lay forgotten as her fingers tightened around the round object in her pouch. Her eyes darted to the left and the right past the tree. Close by, there was a bridge that crossed the river that lay before her. But she would not attempt to cross it tonight. What was in her possession was far too valuable to risk being discovered. This was by far the closest it had gotten to the city in the cliffs, ever. Yet those that hunted for it had only gotten more numerous over the months that it was attempted to be couriered to the heart of Nessa’Mor. All had given up the trek in fear of the hunters.
    And yet it was of the utmost importance that it reaches the city. What her brother had warned her had all but come true since leaving their hidden home.
    The free fingers of her other hand glided over her forearm. Scar upon scar met them. All were new.
    Her lip quivered as her anxiety once more threatened her determination. Fear was her handicap, as it was with all.
    Though, in this she was alone.
    As she glanced back, it pulled at her. To turn back. To let someone else attempt the run.
    She squared her shoulders and looked back at the bridge, covered with guards and what she knew were those that hunted her.
    This was her burden. She had come further than everyone before her and though it had only become more dangerous, her goal was not within reach.
    With a flick of her hands, she tried the heavy locks of hair into a ponytail. There couldn’t be anything in this run that can hold her back. Agility was everything if she had any hope of making it to the city.
    Her eyes closed as she walked herself through the terrain that she needed to cross.
    The river that flowed over the edge of the very cliffs that held the city.
    The path down its mighty side. Though one that was too perilous to attempt if she wanted to go unseen.
    Her mind flicked to the forests that were her only route. But her way down… her eyes flashed open, and taking a deep breath she tightened her cloak over her leather armour’s hard scales.
    She strode almost silently to the river’s edge. Big rocks made the journey across possible but hard. Yet that wasn’t the worry that gnawed at her bones.
    It was what would happen when she made the dash for it.
    She steeled herself and took several steps back, enough for a run.
    Then with force, she made sure her one foot was solid against the ground.
    She was ready as she could be for this, though still her hands had a slight shake in them.
    Zalia ran forward as fast she could. Her footfalls hard against the ground and then with a huge punch with her right foot sent her leaping through the air.
    And a loud hit, her boots landed on the biggest and furthest of the rocks in the river.
    Shouts pierced the air.
    Her teeth gritted. She knew this would happen. Yet, her heart still hammered in her chest.
    She ran and jumped to the next rock, not even looking towards the bridge. A few seconds passed and she landed on the ground on the other side. Once she would have greatly wanted to immediately go and boasted to her best friend of making the feat. But she needed to run. Run like she never run before. For the sake of the light she carried. For the sake of her people, she needed to run!
    Her feet thundered beneath her as she dashed for the outlines of the forest under the moonlight.
    Swords being drawn and armoured figures running behind her could be heard clear as day. Still, she didn’t even glance around.
    The surprise had bought her a few minutes. Though she could hear the confused shouts of the guards of Nessa’Mor, over why so many of the volunteers this night were so furiously storming after a woman.
    This would have amused her to no end back home. But this was different.

    The first tree darted past her as she ran into the forest’s recesses. This might by her a few more seconds. But only a few.
    Those that hunted her were far wilier than they looked. She had learned that the hard way.
    As she ran, she made her path as random as possible in the hope of confusing her pursuers. Though, from their incessant shouts, they were close.
    She pushed her legs faster. It would only be a matter of time before she couldn’t run anymore. But, she would push until the end. To her last. This was it. Unlike all the others before her, she had no way back even she wanted to give up and turn back. If they caught her now, her people…
    She ran faster, tears streaking over her cheeks.
    With ease she leapt over the twisting roots of the forest, using some as springboards over the next.
    Her legs started burning. But at least the pursuers were further away now if just a little.
    Then she ran into a clearing, the moonlight shining brightly over the big but wonderful Dancing Trees.
    She stopped at the edge of the towering trees. A part of her wanted to enjoy the moment. For years she had dreamt of seeing them. Though, never under these conditions. It pained her greatly… a pang tugged at her pounding heart as her fingers touched the giant root of the one. But her mission made her straighten up. In her run her hair had come loose. The wind gently brushed through her hair.
    For the first time, she looked back.
    Numerous lights shined out of the forest. Zalia’s breath caught slightly. There were far more than even she anticipated. And the way they were fanned out, made any escape almost impossible.
    A sigh weighed down on her. Deep down a hope had been there that she could take her time to get down the mighty cliffs. But it was not to be.
    She walked to the edge of the cliff and watched the waves break far down below. Too far.
    Fear welled up in her.
    This was madness.
    But before she could turn around, she thought of her siblings. Thought of her friends. Thought of her family. And the hundreds of families that depended on her making it.
    Zalia squeezed her fists until it became painful. Then she let them go in helplessness.
    Then she jumped.
    Wind rushed past her face as the sea came closer faster than she could have imagined. She only had seconds to react.
    The crashing waves thundered below her and the urge to scream in terror was almost unbearable. But she resisted it with great effort.
    She pulled out her gleaming dagger and shouted out for its light.
    White illuminated the sea below her, and air rushed up her with immense force.
    Then water burst around her and consumed her in a split of a second.

    Stillness and pain coiled around her like a serpent of the deep. The surface with only moonlight looked like a far off dream.
    She wanted to just fade away into the dark waters.
    Then Zalia woke up and clarity returned. She almost let the air out of her lungs as the pain in her chest surged to the forefront.
    But she fought it off and swam up with all her might.
    With force, she broke the surface. A wave struck her back underwater. And she had to cling to the little air she had left in her lungs. Her feet kicked with difficulty, but again she got to the surface, gulping in a lung full of air.
    The lights of city of Nessa’Mor shone brightly on the shore. With the help of the next wave, Zalia swam closer to the sandy shore next to the lighthouse.
    A figure approached.
    Fear reignited in her heart. Her dagger flashed up and her feet shifted so she could fight.
    The figure pulled back her hood and all walls broke down in tears. Zalia leapt forward, crying like she had never cried before and embraced her best friend.
    “You made it,” Lii-ca said while her own tears spilled freely.
    Zalia just hugged the girl and said,
    “They got a chance now. They might live.”
    “Let’s go then. They are ready.”
    It was hard to suppress the emotions of the moment. But Lii-ca was right. They needed to go now before her hunters realize she had made the impossible jump. She darted after her friend into the Cliff City of Nessa’Mor. There was still more that needed to be done.

    Also a FURTHER on WIP added.

    © Omri Hope 2016 - 2017. All Rights Reserved.
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    So, after working on the shadows for the ramp. I got to thinking of drawing a load of houses and creating a brush out of it, like I basically always do when something becomes extremely tedious. Hehe. Then somewhere I create even better brushes for it.
    Okay so here is the png of the brush I am working on. It can and probably will expand as I go.
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    I love the concept! Fantasy cities need to have unique backdrops. I am already stealing aspects of this idea

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    Post Nessa'Mor with layers! (WIP)


    I'm having trouble with my posts. Because they are invisible until a moderater check it, I can see if it actually posted. So I tried posting this earlier and it didn't go. My guess is maybe because I hit the WIP tag again? I would like to learn more about posting on this site. It's quite different.

    So anyway, I decided to do away with the buildings and stuff in between the Arch. This is something that I feel was necessary. At least for the long run.
    So now I created the beginnings of a drawn buildings brush set that would make my building look a lot better and keep some consitency. (My strong suite is drawing random terrain. The precise nature of buildings is a challenge. Hehe.)

    And then I went and created layers for the sea and the land down below the Arch. It took a bit, but I feel it will save a lot of time later on if I work on those apart from the rest.

    I think this is 1500 version of it. So it blurs a bit. But I'm working closer to 4k on the main thing.

    I placed some of the buildings that I created for the brush, so let me know what you think.

    Have a lovely day,
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    Hi Omri, you're at 7 posts now so future posts should go through automatically. (There may be a small delay within the next hour as the server only updates user status once an hour.) It's best just to be patient as your posts will come through eventually.
    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"

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    Post Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Galendae View Post
    I love the concept! Fantasy cities need to have unique backdrops. I am already stealing aspects of this idea
    Thanks, I like thinking out of the box. I hope this end up coming together in something that is entirely unique.

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    Post Nessa'Mor with new buildings! (WIP)

    Hello everyone.

    Today I started laying down my new buildings. I do want some feedback on how it fits together.
    I did think about how people would get to their homes and other buildings, so that at least works.
    But there is something I'm fiddling with. It is a city that came together as multiple cultures wanting to create a city of guilds.

    So, tell me if the layout works so far.

    Have a lovely day.
    Omri Hope.

    Zoomed Version,
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    © Omri Hope 2016. All Rights Reserved.
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    Post Nessa'Mor Path down the cliffs (WIP)


    Today I wanted to work on the shadows of the pathway down the mountains. I've done this on the one map for my novel. It's a tricky process, but with enough tweaking, it looks really cool.

    I'll be back on laying out the city later.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.
    Have a nice day everyone

    © Omri Hope 2016. All Rights Reserved.
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    Post Nessa'Mor with moooar buildings and ocean (WIP)

    Hello everyone,

    Today I did a few of things. I used a brush to remove that glistening thing with the cliffs. Then I added a lot more buildings with planned empty spaces for unique structures and parks.

    I still want to know what you all think about the building layout and the buildings themselves.

    Lastly, I was just going to throw a sea texture in for now, but then I got inspired and worked on the horizon I was planning. Was fun. Would want to know what you think.

    So without further ado,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nessa'Mor_Sea_Horizon_OmriHope.jpeg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nessa'Mor_Buildings2_OmriHope.jpeg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nessa'Mor_HorizonAttempt1_OmriHope.jpeg 
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    If you are interested in the nitty and gritty of the process I use, I'll gladly elaborate. So shout if it is something you want to know.

    Have a lovely day,

    © Omri Hope 2016-2017. All Rights Reserved.
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    Question Nessa'Mor change in the cliffs


    Okay, some things had been bugging me, so I started trying to make the effect less by changing the cliffs a bit. And then I was in the mood to test some colors on it too. Though the colors are just a test to see what you guys think. The waterfall is only going to get some tlc later.

    There are some questions from the previous posts I'm still wondering about. But for now,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nessa'Mor_Testing_Color_OmriHope.jpeg 
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    Hope to hear from you guys.

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