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Thread: $300+ Commissioning a pair of maps for a audio drama

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    Post [Taken] $300+ Commissioning a pair of maps for a audio drama


    I am looking to commission a pair of maps for a audio drama that I am currently working on. These maps will probably be displayed on a website that I intend to create to showcase additional lore and content related to the audio drama. I attempted to do the maps myself using Wonderdraft but was never really able to get them to the level of quality I am looking for. So I am thinking that somebody could take what I've done and essentially clean them up and just make them look better and more professional. I can provide these original maps and some other reference materials to anyone who is interested. In the mean time here are some more details on the setting of the world and what I am looking for.

    Subject / Description: My story is set in the fictional world of Tellus in the year 1910. Magic and magical beings once ruled the world but have since been dethroned as science and technology progresses into a new modern age. The focal point of my maps is the Kingdom of Laxaria; a heavily forested nation on the continent of Aflar. It is were most of my narrative will take place and thus has been heavily detailed and expanded. The first map would be of the kingdom itself with the second being a zoomed in version that gives more details around a particular forest.

    Style: if possible I would like to stay with the style that I was able to produce with wonderdraft but I am also open to other styles as well.

    Quality & Size: I would like to get as close to professional quality as I can. As for size I am actually a little unsure. I want to be able to display these maps on a website and possibly print them but I'll admit that I don't know what size would best facilitate these goals.

    Time Constraints: Essentially none but within reason. I understand that this commission could be a big project and I'm willing to wait as long as it takes to get the job done.

    Copyright: I would like to have control over the copyrights of these maps so they are not taken and used for another project. If the artist wants to use them in their portfolio that would be perfectly reasonable.

    Hopefully I have provided enough information, and if I haven't feel free to reach out to me on this site. As a final note I will add that I am willing to negotiate on the price and would also be interested in possibly commissioning more maps set in the same world.

    Thank you for your time,

    - Aaron W.

    Edit: Thank you to everybody who responded to my post but I have made my decision. - AW
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    Aw, I think your map is close to "good enough", what you want to do is remove the text, then take it into a photo editing program and then slap a texture sandwich over it to defuse the colors a bit, since it's all very intense right now (not that I mind, I like vibrance). This is done by combining a texture or several and blend modes. And all of the text needs to be 3x bigger, unless this is a poster print and not intended to be viewed on one screen.

    I think what you've made has decent potential though I would be willing to take it on to "clean it up" or completely redo it for you... I don't usually work in Wonderdraft though, so you might be better off waiting for someone who is good in that program to step in and take your files and work with what you already made, if you were hoping for that to be edited instead of a full remake. There's a few around here who use it well. I use a full chain of several programs for different purposes, so my work is a bit obfuscated to anyone who isn't me for future editing. If you'd like to work with me, my contact info is on my fantasy map portfolio.

    If I can suggest someone who isn't me though, I'd suggest VB Maps. I mean just look at this example. I think the style would really capture the distinctive regions and clear iconographic symbols you're going for with your draft, better than my style does.

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    Tiana, thank you for recommending me!

    Aaron, I would love to work with you on your project, it sounds really interesting! If you are interested you can contact me at and we can discuss everything.

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    Would be interested to make your world. You can check out my work below:
    I'm working with Inkarnate Pro version.

    My works <-- Click for images

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    Hello Aaron

    I am interested in this commission.

    I used to work with wonderdraft quiet a lot before and I know my way around that software.

    You can find my portofolio of fantasy maps here and if you are interested you can contact me at

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