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    I finally created an account after years of lurking and admiring the work done here. I've always been a nerdy kid and have always had a fascination with maps. Especially fantasy and science fiction maps. I remember when I was around 12 my grandma bought me The Atlas of Middle-Earth. I went absolutely nuts and carried that book with me everywhere. It inspired me to create my own Lord of the Rings character and I would imagine myself going on adventures to all the places that the books and films never covered. Now as an adult I still imagine going on adventures, although now in worlds that I myself have created. As an amateur writer I've come to appreciate the level of immersion that a good map can provide to a reader. So while my own map making skills are not up to par, I am looking forward to finally being part of this community.

    - Aaron W.

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    hi aaron! welcome to the guild!

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