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    Hi everibody, it's been a long time since last post. The map down here was intented to be ready for the past lite challenge. I started it late and only this week I could finish it.
    "The mouth is quiet now! The king is gone, voices tell me that he is gone to the war with the king of the desert! I have found recently this old forgotten map that show the kingdom of the old red dragon. I will give it to you, but in exchange you have to give me 10.000 gold pieces. It's a fair trade, don't lose this opprtunity!" The group of young adventurers look each others after the old merchant stop to speak. If the dragon is really far fom his domains, maybe they could have a real chanche to take the treause. Before anyone could say something, the warrior said "Give us 2 days to collect the money, old man. Don't sell the map to anyone till then!"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am sure that is a very intelligent fighter - the fighters always seem to have the brains to make these tough decisions in the campaigns I've been in ! This looks really good Simkin. I like the burns on the map.

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    Oh, the fighter, he know what he want.... but the real thing here is that if you put the words "treasure" and "dragon" in the same sentence, my players will always try to get the price, even if there are very few chanches of succes.

    Btw, thank Arimel. I changed the map file for the scan version (the previous was a photo). I don't know if it better than the other, but for sure is more similar to the riginal.

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