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Thread: Hello! Finally Joining the Guild!

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    Hello! My name is Ari, and I have been drawing maps for a while now, and just recently started taking commissions. I have lurked these forums for a while now, but finally decided to join. I don't know what took me so long. I will post some of my stuff once I get home this evening, but just wanted to stop in and say Hi this morning.

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    Welcome to the guild!

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    Default Me Too - Glacial Guild Amalgamation

    Hello Ari.

    I’m Shem, but I prefer MadScientist. I randomly found an email from 2018 [*gasp* Pre-COVID19!] but hadn't completed joining till today. You’ve been lurking. I have been spacing my projects, despite all that free time. Oh yeah, there were several medical emergencies, more hospitalizations, 4 surgeries, and a few weeks of non-responsive navel-gazing [I call it auditioning for a bit part on Veggie Tales] in there too. I guess those count as reasonable distractions.

    *Starts to unroll an interesting map*. Oh!

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    Welcome to the guild, Shem! Well, it seems the guild agrees, you joined in Nov 2018!

    Click my banner, behold my art! Fantasy maps for Dungeons and Dragons, RPGS, novels.
    No obligation, free quotes. I also make custom PC / NPC / monster tokens.
    Contact me: or _ti_ (Discord) to discuss a map!

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    Welcome to the Guild Ari, I’m glad you decided to finally take the plunge and join us! I look forward to seeing you around

    - Josh

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