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Thread: L'Arpenteur - Stepping out of the shadows

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    En l'An de Grâce 2022 (as we frenchmen would say),

    L'Arpenteur - DbCartography (Me! Who would have thought?!) decided to step out of the shadows of the map-making world by signing to the long list of members of the prestigious Cartographer's Guild. This is it. I evolved.
    But why did have waited so long? Why in the seven hells I lurked so many years without showing up like a grown man?

    Well I think I'm slowly overcoming the shame of being so vastly inspired by awarded artist like Marc Moureau, Mrs. Beee or J.Blando that at some times, I lost myself in their styles, in their lines, their visions. What a trinity! Yes, I've chosen you on these long gone days to carry my learning as an artist, and blinded by your lights, I couldn't see anything but your work. It pierced me like a cruel arrow, fiercly. But it's looking at you guys for hours, while licking my wounds, that I learnt to draw, to chose colors, to define my shapes. Never touched a pencil before going on this journey two years ago, never laid colors before that last winter.

    Yes, I stole from you shamelessly; borders, tones, compositions. But I had to learn fast, I had to get myself on this path, and I had to eat, also.

    But most important, I had to train my eyes.

    Now I see clear. I peak through the window and see the bright chimneys of cities that crumble away, the jagged peaks of maw-like mountains that devour the veils of a pale blue sun and my mind can finally set sails to the edges of these worlds full of wonders and mysteries. I see the work of the ancients, their mastery. I see their columns of pure white marble, their intertwined and complex ornaments. I see their Love. The Love that pushes us, artists, to explore and ward the paths we take. We carry the burden of creation and dreams.

    Thank you for letting me lurk in your shadows so long. Thank you for these harsh words, Mr Moureau. I can now walk on shamelessly.

    Fresh new sents.
    Wind's blowing,
    I take up my bow.

    Happy mapping!

    Thibaud J.B. - Astral booker of l'Arpenteur
    Cartographer and pathfinder of distant lands
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    Well.... That's nicely put !
    Glad to see you onboard and looking forward to see your art

    Et comme on dit : "Bienvenue !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by - JO - View Post
    Well.... That's nicely put !
    Glad to see you onboard and looking forward to see your art

    Et comme on dit : "Bienvenue !"
    Thank you for welcoming me

    I hope this is the beginning of some great exchanges!

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    There is no shame in learning.

    I'm glad you're starting to find your own voice. It is by no means an easy task and you can be proud of yourself.

    I'm not the best for sugarcoating things, and I'm sorry if my words seemed harsh to you at first, so let me put it clearly this time :

    You definitely have your place here.

    Bienvenue à bord !
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    So nice to see you make your way over here! I've been a huge fan of your work for a while now. Welcome to the Guild!
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    It's nice to see you on the guild. I've been a fan of your work on Instagram for some time and it'll be good to see some of it here as well.
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    Thank you all for the welcoming !

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    hi thibaud! welcome to the guild!

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    Hi there welcome!

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