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Thread: First Finished black and white map

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    Map First Finished black and white map

    Would love some pointers based on my first hand drawn map.

    Some problems I already see are :

    • Scanning method failed to pickup al the shading
    • Hills could use some shading and more detail.
    • Misspelling of forest in the legend
    • Scanner cut off the top of the map
    • North South mountains could use some practice
    • Grasslands and swamp was left out of the legend.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For your first handdrawn map this is superb! The coastlines are great and the mountains are superb. While yah there are some scanning bumps and all it really is not that noticeable on the map. And the North-South mountains have always been a killer for me (one of the reasons I slightly changed styles). Also, there is a blank area to the west of the map. Normally I would assume this would represent grasslands (I tend to like my grasslands to look emptier with less grass strokes) but as you have grasslands marked on the east this area stands out a bit.

    Ultimately though this is an excellent first map and looks really good and useable.

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