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Thread: Challenge Announcement!

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    Default Challenge Announcement!

    Hi fellow Guildies! First of all, thanks for your patience while us CLs hash out what to do with the monthly challenge. Here's what we're going to do, for a while at least:

    - The Challenges will go to an every-other-month format, starting on December 1st.

    - I will be actively perusing the Challenge Suggestion forum for ideas, so if you've got em, post em. In general, what I and the other CLs look for are ideas that are interesting (of course), are detailed (but not OVERLY detailed), and are at a greater 'challenge level' than the Lite Challenges.

    - In the off month, every week I will post a hint relating to what the next challenge will be. The first person who gets the answer will receive some sort of prize, which is still to be determined, but could include stuff like a small Amazon gift card, an extra few days to work on their challenge entry, getting to choose what the next challenge will be, etc. This will start the first week of January, for the February challenge. NOTE: You will not know who the winner is until the challenge begins, that way no one receives an unfair advantage.

    We may be PMing some of you regarding your possible interest in becoming CLs, so watch your inbox. In addition, if you have any suggestions, this is the place to post them. Anything goes; we'll consider all suggestions. There were already some great ones offered which may be implemented, so keep em coming.

    First Challenge of the new era starts December 1st!
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    Party time!

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