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    Overview - I'm a DM in NYC that runs a homebrew campaign, but I'm finding it difficult to capture the uniqueness of the setting to my players. Over time, small details about the geography are forgotten and I was hoping to commission a map to help sell the setting better like I did for one of my major cities.

    Quality and Size - I have no size, color, or other requirements and have no interest in copyright (I am aggressively a hobbyist at this), but I imagine at least three tones to properly convey the countries three unique region and I am looking to get something more than I can get with map generators. I want to convey the unique geography of the country, particularly the fact that it is a dried lake surrounded by steep cliffs, accessed only by narrow chasms. Whatever you feel is necessary to convey these elements is what I will accept.

    Style - I am also willing to defer here to what you think serves the piece best, but I will note that my influences for the world are more American than most fantasy adventures; there's more Ursula k. LeGuin and Clive Barker in my work than Tolkien. Your style doesn't need to match my previous commission, but you can find it at the following link for reference:

    Time constraints - This is my adventure and I'll be running it for many years. 0 time restraints other than my eventual demise.

    Country Description - The land of Vidhi is an isolated sub-sea level country built in a dry lake bed, surrounded by steep cliffs. Three deserts form three distinct deserts, loosely off the Great American Deserts (The Great Basin, The Movae, and Sonorani.).

    The Ashen Sands is a land of white dunes and salt lakes. The barren waste is its only notable natural land mark, a land of deep chasms, petrified wood, and whale graveyard from the lands former time as a lake. The city of Kunat is a city built of white marble and red petrified wood, able to withstand sandstorm. To its south, a small town of Eureka farms kelp out of the salt lakes, turning the water pink with overabundance.

    The Blood Sands is built of red clay, winding canyons, and stone bluffs. With cactus and lizard, Paranesh seems lush in comparison to its neighbors, though still scarce compared to any other civilized land. The city of Paranesh is carved directly into a large platue, a holy site sitting at its peak. Sitting at the end of a long chasam that some travelers and merchants use to enter the land, Exodus's End is similarly built directly into the cliff face that surrounds the country of Vidhi, though more an outpost than a full city. Near that the large enclosed dome The Gilded Circle invites in army recruits several times a year, only graduates emerging. Towards the south, Debotor's Paradise is a series of winding canyons that many outlaws use to hide from law enforcement.

    The Burnt Sand are a land of black volcanic ground, frequently torched by wildfires that emerge from derelct mines burrow into its mineral rich mines. The outpost of Portents exists largely to warn away travelers into the dangerous land. Even if they managed to make it past the wildfires, few travelers make it back through the otherworldly Kelp Forest, still standing tall and swaying in the current of a lake long gone. Traveling through the narrow passageway to Na'u, travelers have to watch for increasingly deformed lifeforms, the mine runoff and strange soil corrupting everything it touches. Should the travelers reach Na'u, capital of Vidhi and the Burnt Sands, they would reach a land of riches, shining like gold in the hard black soil that will forever hold the imprint of their long travel.

    Below is the map I have used for this for 5 years now

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd be happy to take a look at this for you if you like, take a look at my gallery through the links in my signature to see my past work and there's a contact form on my commissions page if you are interested and want to get in touch. I have a few commissions on the go at the moment so probably wouldn't be able to look at this until February but sound like there isn't really a time constraint. That city piece you commissioned is really nice, it's a bit different from my usual style but I could certainly make some alterations be more in line with it.
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    I'm interested to create this map. Take a look at my portfolios (link below) and if you like what you see you can contact me here or by email.

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    Hi there!

    My name is Kellerica, Kell for short, and I'd love to help you out. I'm an experienced mapper and have worked with authors, roleplayers and other storytellers to bring their worlds to life. I think my parchment style could match your previous city map's tone quite nicely! You can find some samples of it and my other works on my website, or follow the links in my signature to my social media platforms.

    If you like what you see, I'd love to chat more. My website has a handy contact form you can use to reach me if you so prefer, or you can email me directly at r (dot) simila (at)

    Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers,

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    I might be interested as well if you are into a realistic style ... Portfolio

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    I'd be happy to help you with this. I enjoy doing... unusual maps. []My portfolio, if you want to look at it.[/url]

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    No obligation, free quotes. I also make custom PC / NPC / monster tokens.
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    you can check out my work at:



    If you're interested hit me up via any of those pages or via

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