Hey y'all! Or should I say howdy?

I want to share the most detailed commission project I've ever had -- a series of four maps for author Liz Isaacson (AKA a pen name of Elana Johnson). This project was originally going to be a single map of the town Three Rivers, Texas, a setting in which multiple sprawling romance series take place. Then she sent me the sketch and list of locations and I realized there was no way we'd be able to fit everything on a six by nine inch piece of paper! So I talked to her and we expanded the project into four total maps -- one for the overall town, and one each for the three ranches that each of the three romance series center around.

Since she'd written so much in this setting (I think over thirty books?), she had a much more detailed and expansive imagining of the town than most authors I work with! We've got the homes and workplaces of many of the protagonists, and she was able to give me a lot of information that I could incorporate into the maps. We initially had something like sixty different locations to represent. That got narrowed down some, although many of those places are still represented in the art, even if they're not labeled.

Can you spot the following?
- The barn with the American flag on the side
- The golden retrievers
- The two different churches
- The airfield
- The apple orchard

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