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Thread: The Next Lite Challenge

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    Default The Next Lite Challenge

    I'll be travelling for the next 2 weeks, so I am going to do the same thing that Diamond is doing: keep the challenge in a 1 month format, but skip every other month.
    I will see if I can set it up so it minimizes the overlap with the regular challenge.

    ALSO, I need Ideas. If you have a topic or type of map you would like to see used in the challenge, then post your ideas here, Thanks.

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    An hidden message.

    Create a map thet hide a message or a symbol, so when you create the map, have to have in mind the secret you wanna hide. For expamle, the capitol letters of the cities form a word, or you can find a magic symbol if you trace a line between some locations.
    As and additional step, everyone who participate the challenge, could give a hint to find the secret, like a game.

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    I have suggested this before , but I would love to see "map a historical style" for a mapping challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simkin View Post
    An hidden message.
    Yes, I like this one. I could revisit some earlier maps like:

    or the much less subtle

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    An Idea. Map a small village, with some important buildings and then at least two points of interests in or on the outskirts of the town for Adventurers to visit.

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