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Thread: Map of Arth (B/W & Color)

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    Default Map of Arth (B/W & Color)

    The Map of Arth shows the setting of The Dark Profit Saga, published by J. Zachary Pike and Gnomish Press, LLC., which has has just concluded a successfull $115.000 Kickstarter campaign. It was a great pleasure to develop this map with the active input of the author, and the outcome was well worth the effort put into it.

    There are four versions of the map, each coming with a few changes representing the state of the world, matching the progress of the books. Presented here is a version of the 'master' map, reduced by 50%.

    all rights belong to J. Zachary Pike and Gnomish Press, LLC

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    Fantastic maps! They both look great. I love that black mountain in the Nagarok region (The Dreadcrag, I think? Label's quite small since it's only half size). That is a scary looking place!!
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