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Kera Option 3

This was one of two pieces I was commissioned to do several months ago for a new multi-player online game in development called Rise of Emodo. The project was to be funded through Kickstarter and looked to be set to meet its funding goals. However, 15 hours before the funding period closed the project was inexplicably terminated by Kickstarter. The people working on the game have been seeking alternate means of funding but I don't know where things currently stand, or if I'll finish the second piece (depends on whether or not funding is secured), but here is the first piece.


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09-15-2013, 05:04 AM
My Completed Maps
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  1. JefBT
    You did this in 3d or 2d? Amazing!
  2. arsheesh
    Thanks Jef! I did this using GIMP, which isn't really a 3D rendering program, but has some abilities to mimic it.

  3. Diamond
    Wow, that's pretty cool! Whatever happened to the project?
  4. Francissimo
    beautifull space art!
  5. arsheesh
    Hey thanks Diamond and Francissimo! Diamond, sadly the Kickstarter fell through. My client told me that he would be seeking funding through other channels. Then apparently he had a family tragedy and I didn't hear from him for like two and a half years. Then out of the blue he emails me, sends me payment and lets me know that he has some news regarding the project. I'm still waiting to hear the details but it sounds as if the project might finally be moving forward.
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