Advertising With The Cartographers' Guild

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us! Our new ad campaign is intended to help publishers, software developers, artists, and any other industry professionals or businesses to get their name or link out to the community. If that is your intention, you've come to the right place.


The Cartographers’ Guild was founded on April 24th, 2006 by programmer and fantasy cartography enthusiast Robbie Powell. In ten years it has grown into the premiere place online for fantasy cartographers to interact and share their craft. From experienced mapmaking to novel game world development, the members of the Cartographer’s Guild have it covered. The website is home to some of the most popular tutorials and user-contributed galleries of fantasy and sci-fi maps on the Internet. The high-quality, comprehensive content coverage attracts not only hobbyists, but also a number of industry professionals. These include publishers, software developers, and artists.

The Cartographers’ Guild attracts roughly 45,000 unique visitors per month and has recently increased its presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We have over 20,000 registered members of which about 1,000 are active content and discussion contributors within a month. In fact, there is almost 80 Gigabytes of content posted on the site to date. A quick sampling of content will reveal tutorials, map gallery posts, mapping resources, and a broad range of reference material. Consistent user contribution is evident in monthly as well as semi-monthly mapping challenge contest entries.

Statistics and Demographics (as of July 2016)

Sessions: 70,000+
New and Returning Users: 43,000+
Monthly Page Views: 337,000+
Returning Visitors: 56.5%

Our user base is primarily English speaking, with visitors originating from all over the world. Contributors hail from the United States (43%), the United Kingdom (8%), Canada (6%), and France (5%), among others. Our users also come from across the computing spectrum, with OS use from Windows (78%), Macintosh (10%), and Linux (3%). 10% of traffic originates from mobile devices. And that is just the beginning - more detailed OS and Browser demographics can be provided. We have full analytics provided by Google.

Advertising Rates

The Cartographers’ Guild is currently offering what we feel is the best bet in online advertising: the Cost Per Mille (CPM, also known as Cost Per Thousand) approach. We do not offer Cost Per Click (CPC) rates. CPM is a prudent approach for community based web advertising. CPM bases its rates on the number of impressions served – a known quantity for The Cartographer’s Guild. We’re seeking to guarantee a number of impressions in order to get you brand recognition and user face time even without clicks.

We currently have three ad slots available but more options may be added in the future. We can offer any combination of impression orders so long as we have impressions available in the forecast (based on traffic). Our standard campaign is 30 days per order, but we can offer shorter special event based campaigns (with adequate notice). Contact us for pricing on special event based campaigns, as such rates will be based on inventory.

Available Ad Orders:
Run Of Site - All ad slots listed below with optimized rotation - $0.50 CPM

Page Top - Above the fold banner on all pages - 728x90 - $0.75 CPM
First Post - Ad in first post of every thread for unregistered or not-logged-in visitors - 336x280 - $0.75 CPM
Page Bottom - Below the fold banner on all pages - 468x60 - $0.65 CPM

Example Advertising Campaign

For example, lets say you have a budget of $30. For thirty dollars you will get your ad shown 60,000 times spread across all ad slots (728x90 forum/cms top, 468x60 forum/cms bottom, and 336x280 first post in each thread for unregistered users) for 30 days. ($30 / $0.50 x 1000 = 60000)

If you only want to target the Page Top ad slot, $30 will get your ad shown 40,000 times over 30 days. ($30 / $0.75 x 1000 = 40000)

Subscription based advertising

Sponsors and Supporters are able to take advantage of advertising impressions included with their intent to support the site. This is offered as an extra incentive to encourage supporting the guild which runs primarily on donations as opposed to the minimal advertising. The banners/ads could be simply links to their personal blog or website, or any other link or banner that the sponsor or supporter desires. Contact us (see below) for details.

Sponsors (90 dollars per year or 8 dollars per month) can get 15,000 impressions per month on a run of site campaign for the duration of the sponsorship.

Supporters (30 dollars per year or 3 dollars per month) can get 5,000 impressions per month on a run of site campaign for the duration of the support.

Ordering information

Interested? Want more information? Please contact Robbie Powell at We look forward to doing business with you and helping you meet your advertising goals.