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  1. Immolation 05-10-2010 The Importance of Being Reliable

    When I was a teenager, I could have listed any number of desirable qualities in a person. In fact, I'm sure I did. Exhaustively. To anyone who would listen. One of those qualities was probably not "reliable" however. There were plenty of adjectives like "imaginative", "original" and "you've got to haggle", but "reliable" would have been reliably missing.

    Now that I have surprisingly survived to the ancient age of seven-and-forty, I see things a bit differently. Part of wisdom is learning ...
  2. Immolation 05-09-2010 What is in a name?

    Although the concept of blogging was born as early as 1995 and the name itself introduced in 1999, it was at best a vague shadow in the corner of my awareness until 2004 when blogs became mainstream. Since then, I've been a loyal reader of a number of different blogs.

    Everyone knows the "blog" is a contraction of the words "web log". It helps to have a catchy-sounding name to catch on to the public's awareness, but I think the idea of the media meritocracy was one who's time had come ...
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