• Two New Awards for Classic Tutorials!

    Two tutorials that have been around for a while have been rated up to award winning 5-compass status!

    Congrats to torstan for his tutorial on Creating an Old-School Map in Gimp and RobA for the tut Simple Mountains in Gimp!
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    1. Ascension's Avatar
      Ascension -
      Hey, way to go guys.
    1. torstan's Avatar
      torstan -
      Thanks a lot.
    1. Druvas's Avatar
      Druvas -
      Indeed, thanks very much for that tutorial. I first gazed upon its wisdom a little over a year ago and ran off with GIMP under my arm. I suppose I should share what I have created since then. I'll figure out how to do that and then post my latest project.


    1. ravells's Avatar
      ravells -
      Congrats...I'm glad someone is keeping an eye on the compasses!
    1. Antonymph's Avatar
      Antonymph -
      Hi, bit of an odd question but I'm new to this, how do you go about posting a tutorial?
    1. ravells's Avatar
      ravells -
      There is a tutorial section on this site. Best thing to do is to have a look at the tutorials there for the various formats people use - some write the tutorial in a thread and others attach pdf documents for example. Posting them is like making any other post (like the one you have just made for instance).
    1. Emack's Avatar
      Emack -
      I liked the 'old school' blue and white floor plan map. Brought back memories.
    1. zehrzehr's Avatar
      zehrzehr -
      I just joined the guild, and this is the reason why. Thanks so much for this great tutorial!