• Blackwind Crater Lake by pasis

    Created in: Photoshop & GeoControl

    Pasis is an old hand when it comes to rich photorealistic maps. He's written several very helpful tutorials over the years (a couple of which he's received awards for) uncovering some of his methods. His skill is evident writ large in this fantastic piece. The rugged hills and cliffs, textured forests and pristine water all look so lifelike, and yet stylized. The towns are very well done too, and the foam on the water is spot on. For those working in the photorealistic style this map ought to serve as a good piece of inspiration.

    Quote Originally Posted by pasis
    Hey guys,
    Here is a map of the Blackwind Crater Lake. The surrounding lands are barren and dry, but around the lake the land is more fertile. Two villages surround the lake and a small mining community is higher up the mountain side.
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