• March / April 2017 Lite Challenge Results

    The Cartographers
    by Domino44

    March / April Lite Challenge

    For our latest Lite Challenge, Bogie decided to try a variation on our usual mapping theme. He wrote...
    This month I'm trying something different. I want you to make a Book Cover. The one condition is that the cover must prominently display some type of map, preferably showing one of your own maps. Other than that you can make the cover in any genre, any style you want.

    We had a very slow start to this one, but I think Guilders were simply teasing, as the challenge exploded in the second two weeks with a whopping twelve entries (plus one unofficial one; even ineligible mappers couldn't stay away from this challenge.)

    Among the entries were a few 'factual' books, including Waldronate's entry 'Fun With Wilbur - Apocrypha, Volume 2: The Naughty Bits'. I'm not certain, but this book may have to be sold in a plastic wrapper. Coriolis shared his thoughts on recent political events with 'Election Year: A Retrospective Look', and masterfully recreated that tricky 'balled up and thrown in the trash' look, not an easy feat, I'm sure.

    Stretching the meaning of 'factual' even further, we had Straf's 'Z - A Ankh-Morpork Street Guide', lovingly created in the style of a popular UK street atlas series. New member InfiniteBlue88 joined their first challenge with 'Travellers Guide to Mullhalde', a guide book for a Pathfinder setting. Mixerbach created a desk scene backdrop for his cover 'Leonicia - Strategy and Tactics - Vol. 6', a book locked with runic words of power. Finally, Corilliant created a cover for a proper tome of a book with entry 'The Eighteenth Carellian Campaign'. Corilliant took it a step further and printed the cover and wrapped it around a book, pics here. Simply marvellous!

    Stepping firmly into fiction, we had a few straight-up fantasy book covers, including 'Finding the Fleet' by Mouse and 'The Thieves of Geiros' by tilt. We want to read these books now, so get writing guys! GLS went for more of a hand-drawn style with 'Across the Green Vale', complete with fairytale-like castle. We had a few highly artistic entries too, including Bogie's leather-bound 'The Book of Drell', with some rather unusual brass corner ornaments, and Tenia's entry 'The Hitchhiker's guide' depicting, I believe, the only known image of a Nazgul planning his next vacation to The Shire. This entry wins the 'Creepiest Green Hands' award, for sure.

    We had one final, unofficial entry, based on a real book, this time. ChickPea is no longer eligible for the Lite Challenge, but couldn't resist recreating the cover of Agatha Christie's 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

    Our winner this month is Domino44 with entry 'The Cartographers', a book about "a bunch of nerdy, and passionate, Cartographers setting off to save the world." Domino wrote "since they are all Cartographers, they would all be very interesting characters." Well, obviously!

    Domino44 wins her first silver compass and the congratulations of all at the Guild. Check out the work-in-progress thread here, and see the cover develop from a front page only, to what you see above.

    All that remains now is for The Guild, in its entirety, to sit on Domino until she writes this book!

    April / May 2017 Challenge : Map Cartographerville

    Our new challenge is up and running, and perhaps Bogie has been slightly influenced by Domino's ideas. This month, we're heading to 'Cartographerville'. Bogie wrote...
    Where do all those pesky Guilders come from? I want you to map a village, town, city, enclave, grotto, or underdark community. The one condition is that the map clearly shows where the Guilders live. Other than that you can make the map in any genre, any style you want.

    There's more info on the challenge here, and you can check out the entries as they come in within this folder.

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