• April 2017 Regular Challenge Results

    Possessions of the Eldish Empire
    by DanielHasenbos

    April 2017 Challenge Results

    This month's mapping theme related to insets. Diamond wrote...
    Your challenge this month is a bit different. You can map whatever you want, in whatever style you want, but your map must contain an inset map. Wiki defines an inset map as:
    An inset map is a smaller map featured on the same page as the main map. Traditionally, inset maps are shown at a larger scale (smaller area) than the main map. Often, an inset map is used as a locator map that shows the area of the main map in a broader, more familiar geographical frame of reference.
    What you choose to depict on your inset map is also up to you, but it MUST be at a different scale than the main map. So if your main map is a regional map, maybe the inset shows the continent the region is on, or maybe a street map of a city located in the region. Or you could go the opposite route and have your main map be a city map, and the inset might show the region the city's located in.

    You could also think outside the box and have the inset map (or maps; you could have more than one!) show local mineral resources, or religions, language groups, whatever you want. Be creative!

    This proved to be a popular challenge with eleven entries, covering a range of mapping styles and genres. Even better, we had a number of members (both new and existing) taking part for the first time. It's always great to see fresh blood, err, new faces in the challenges, and we hope to see some of you again in future challenges! Go check out the maps by 000 ('Inset map'), Frost Birch ('It Starts in Caldor'), JeskaGrace ('Desa Islands'), LordCartoart ('The realm of Bjorn'), roguecartographer ('Adelsohage') and Sironae ('Insert Map').

    There were some old hands among the entrants too, including 'Fashions made Sacred, Europe' by Ares96, an alt-history Europe map; Ilanthar's (sadly unfinished) entry 'The Silver Gates & Lock Island', GLS's regional map 'The Eastern Lands of Lyranth', and tilt's hilarious 'Operation Swiss Cheese'.

    Our winner this month is no stranger to the challenges either. Our congratulations go to DanielHasenbos for his world map titled 'Possessions of the Eldish Empire'. Daniel wins his first gold compass to accompany the silver compass he'd won previously. Check out Daniel's WIP thread here.

    May 2017 Mapping Challenge

    May's challenge is already up and running, and we want to see some cunning plans...
    This month's challenge comes to us courtesy of Straf:
    Every dastardly plan needs a map. Whether it's a building plan for a bank job or a castle map for a kidnapping attempt, or a city map showing the best getaway route after stealing three Mars Bars and a Curly Wurly from the local newsagent.

    That's it! Extra points if you can actually put a Curly Wurly in there somewhere. Whatever a Curly Wurly is.

    More info on the challenge in this thread, and check out the current entries in the challenge folder. Still plenty of time to sign up, so let's see some despicable plans!

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