• May 2017 Regular Challenge Results

    Glencoe Massacre
    by ChickPea

    May 2017 Challenge Results

    Our theme for May came from a suggestion from a Guild member. Diamond wrote...
    This month's challenge comes to us courtesy of Straf:
    Every dastardly plan needs a map. Whether it's a building plan for a bank job or a castle map for a kidnapping attempt, or a city map showing the best getaway route after stealing three Mars Bars and a Curly Wurly from the local newsagent.

    That's it! Extra points if you can actually put a Curly Wurly in there somewhere. Whatever a Curly Wurly is.

    A few of us shook our heads sadly at Diamond's ignorance of British chocolate bars, but the idea of including a curly wurly captured imaginations and every mapper included one somewhere on their entry. Kudos to all for that!

    Among our dastardly maps this month, was 'The Bohemian Job' by Hart, a city map depicting a plot to steal a diamond from a warring king. Straf's entry, 'The Scandal of the Sunburst Angel', relayed a devious tale of subterfuge involving trade ships and piracy. Kacey started on map 'Vehldwyn and The Well of Knowledge' but had to withdraw due to technical issues with her tablet. Commiserations as this was a fine-looking work-in-progress, and wins the 'Best Curly Wurly Depiction' award hands-down!

    Our winner this month is ChickPea with entry 'Glencoe Massacre', describing a bloody massacre from Scottish history. Congrats on winning a second gold compass! Check out the Work-in-Progress thread here.

    June 2017 Challenge : Re-invent the Hanging Gardens

    June's challenge is up and running, and once again our theme comes via suggestions from the community...
    Aside from being awesome when you built it in some of the Civilization games (it gave you extra food or something, if I recall), the Hanging Gardens is just a cool idea all the way around. Mouse came up with this month's Challenge, so praise unto her. TheHoarseWhisperer had a good suggestion for it too:
    Quote Originally Posted by THW
    However, if everyone just maps a terraced pyramid with plants, then it might be a little dull. Maybe people could be encouraged to 'reinvent' the Hanging Gardens: that might make it more exciting. Perhaps there'll even be literally hanging gardens...

    So here's the challenge: Your mission is to take the idea of a Hanging Garden/Wonder of the World and re-invent it. You can always map what you think the literal Hanging Gardens of Babylon might have looked like, but you can also go crazy and map a miles-high wizard's citadel drenched in hanging plants, or a floating rock with the gardens hanging down to the ground, or a canyon with the gardens planted on the walls. Whatever your fertile (get it?) imaginations can come up with, really.

    More info on the challenge here. See the current entries here.

    Challenge Suggestions

    If you've got an idea for a challenge, head for this folder. Start a thread to explain your idea and include a poll. If it gets positive feedback, we'll certainly consider it.

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