• May / June 2017 Lite Challenge Results

    Scribble Rock
    by Mouse

    May / June Lite Challenge

    For our latest Lite Challenge, Bogie went with a seasonal theme...
    Summer is upon us (at least for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere). So your challenge is to map a summer vacation getaway. A trip to the Bahamas, Disney World, Camping in the Mountains, Backpacking through Europe, Cruising from Seattle to Alaska, a What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas Vacation. You can map the journey / route to get there or a map of the destination and the things you would like to do. This could be a real vacation that you are planning, or a dream vacation if you win the lottery. Other than that you can make the map in any genre, any style you want.

    There was a strong hint of escapism in our maps this month, as Guilders planned their ideal holiday. Josiah VE mapped 'A Fictional Camping Trip', inspired by Big Whiteshell Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba, including bicycle and canoe illustrations. Tenia created 'My own private island', a fantasy resort complete with spaceship landing pad and a patrolling warship to deter the riff raff (best not to drop by without an invite, methinks!) Tonnichiwa's map 'Sodom in the time of Abraham and Lot' was a surrogate for a visit to the Archaeological Dig around the Jordanian city of Tall El Hammam, or Sodom as it was better known in biblical times.

    Our winner this month is 'Scribble Rock' by Mouse, "a remote little island with a nice big lighthouse to stay in - one where I can spend a couple of months just... writing..." Sounds blissful!

    Congratulations to Mouse on winning her first silver compass. Check out the WIP thread here.

    June / July Lite Challenge

    Our newest challenge is up and running, and we're continuing with the hot and sunny theme (if that's how you choose to interpret it!)
    This Challenge is for you to map an Oasis. The obvious choice is to do the traditional palm trees surrounding a pool in the middle of the desert, but if that is not your thing, then come up with another type of Oasis. A rooftop garden in a big city, or a nice park with a pond in a city, a flower filled clearing in a dark deadly forest. Or you could go regional and map a large desert and show where all the Oases are along the trade routes.
    Other than that you can make the map in any genre, any style you want.

    There's more information on the challenge in the intro thread, and you can view the current entries in the challenge folder.

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