• July / August '17 Lite Challenge Results

    Terandera by mewo2

    July / August '17 Lite Challenge

    Our latest Lite Challenge was all about treasure. Bogie wrote...
    This Challenge is for you to map hidden treasure. You can go with a classic and map the palace treasure room, or a tomb with the wealth of the ages hidden somewhere inside. It could be a treasure map showing the way, or a regional map with the treasure cave marked on it. You Guilders are creative so I'm sure many of you will come up with ideas I would never have considered, and they will be strange and wonderful. ( but keep it clean, there are young-uns here )
    Other than that you can make the map in any genre, any style you want.

    As usual, Guild members expressed their creativity with an assortment of mapping styles. New member Daistallia created a 'Dieselpunk Airship Pirate's Treasure Map', showing the location of magical 'hell bombs'. Industrygothica worked on a battlemap titled 'The Black Tomb of Kas the Bloody' featuring a booby-trapped maze. QED42's entry 'For' Dhibarth and the Pool of Life' depicted a bustling city with a secret at its heart. Straf's entry told the story of 'Harpy's Silver Tongue', a long lost artifact with an interesting history. Tonnichiwa created a map titled 'What's that in the clouds?', a tale of a kingdom under siege from a hidden enemy. Our final completed entry was 'The Autarch's Lost Vault' by Wired, a space map showing the secret base and treasury of a long dead ruler.

    Our winner this month is new member mewo2 with map 'Terandera'. Mewo2 wrote "This is going to be a kind of palimpsest, a map which has been scrawled on repeatedly by successive treasure hunters. For the base map, I'm going with a late nineteenth century feel. Then I'm going to add a few layers of annotations in different hands, focusing on the dangers and challenges of the route." It's always pleasing to see a new member join the site and immediately win a compass, so congrats to mewo2 from all at the Guild. Check out the WIP thread here.

    August / September '17 Lite Challenge

    The new Lite Challenge is already up and running, and this time it's all about villages...
    This Challenge is for you to map a village. You can use your imagination and map any type of village you want. Make a small rural community for a modern setting, a medieval village, a western frontier town, a Sherpa village in the Himalayas, a small space outpost, or even a mermaid community, you choose.
    So you can make the map in any genre, any style you want.

    There's more information in the intro thread, and you can see the current entries here.

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