• September/October 2017 Lite Challenge Results

    Caves of Chaos Section 9
    by Kier

    September/October Lite Challenge : Map the Caves of Chaos

    For our latest Lite Challenge, Bogie decided to try something a little different...

    For many of you who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons you know the name, Caves of Chaos, it is part of a larger adventure module, Keep on the Borderlands. KotB, was an introduction to D&D. It is a classic. You don't have to be a D&D player to do this, we are just creating a map. But what a map! The Caves of Chaos is massive. Way to big a project to do as a lite challenge in less than a month. So, I want each of you to make a part of it. After the Challenge I will reassemble the entire cave system from your individual parts. Yes, it will be a lot of styles that don't exactly go together, but it is the Caves of CHAOS after all.

    Who could resist such a challenge?

    We had too many entries to list this month, so I'll give a shout out to the top five-placed maps in the poll.

    We had a tie for fourth place, so congrats to Industrygothica and Troedel.

    Our winner this month was Kier, with Caves of Chaos Section 9 - see the large image at the top of the post. Kier wins his first silver compass, and the congrats of all at the Guild. Check out his WIP thread.

    Thank you to everyone who took part.

    Oct/Nov Lite Challenge : Map an Island - Pick a Shape

    In case you missed it, the new challenge is up and running. Bogie has provided four island shapes and you get to map one of them...

    For this challenge I want you to map an Island. How you do it is up to you. Use your favorite style or try something new.
    The only requirement is that you have to use one of these 4 shapes and the island should be approximately 150 miles ( 241 km ) across.

    So what could be easier? Half the work is done for you already!

    There's more info in the intro thread, and you can view the current entries here.

    Let's get mapping!

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