• October 2017 Challenge Results

    Against the Peacock Throne
    by Diamond

    October 2017 Challenge : A Word, A Quest

    October's challenge required Guilders to create a map from several theme words. Diamond explained...
    Think of all the classic fantasy and science fiction that revolves around the quest motif - our heroes have to trek through the wilderness (or a city, or a space station, etc etc) in search of a fabled object of power, or a way to dispose of same; or maybe they're looking for a reclusive hermit who's actually a powerful mage. Maybe they're looking for a lost city. Maybe they're hunting for exotic and rare animals in a dark jungle.

    Now that you have a refresher, here's how this will work: below, you'll find a list of 30 words. Pick AT LEAST five (5) of those words, and draw a map depicting an epic quest that revolves around those words. The style, subject matter (as long as it somehow includes those five words), and setting is completely up to you.

    * * *

    Gun Sword
    Star Cave Road Tavern Hidden Dark
    Gem Midnight Alone Empire Piercing Temple Axis House Wandering Port
    Master/Mistress Knowledge Silver Peacock Freezing Gold Eye Fortress Child Victory

    * * *

    We had many interesting maps using the quest words in all sorts of creative ways. I'll list the top five placed entries from the poll below.

    Poll position
    Map title/creator Map thumbnail (click to go to thread)
    5th place (tied) Map Retrieved from
    a Smuggler's Corpse
    by NoneTheWiser
    5th place (tied)
    Quest of the Drunken Master,
    by tilt
    4th place Quest for the Zjed'Uhn Diamond,
    by ladiestorm
    3rd place The Story of Golthra and Iriana,
    by Mouse
    2nd place Juando, the Dragon Island,
    by Greg
    1st place Against the Peacock Throne,
    by Diamond

    Congrats to Diamond who wins his ninth gold compass!! Free sunglasses to everyone else to protect our eyes from the bling.

    November 2017 Challenge : Survive!

    Will you live to map the tale of this month's challenge? Diamond writes...

    A little late for Halloween, but Wingshaw came up with a great challenge:

    Design a fortress for a handful of survivors to withstand a zombie apocalypse. Most of the world has already succumbed to the zombie virus, and now there are only pockets of humanity left to resist the onslaught of the living dead (and each other).

    For this challenge the zombies are gonna be the classic type from TV and movies: reanimated corpses that seek out living humans to devour. They usually attack in groups, can move at near human speeds (if they are otherwise reasonably intact), cannot swim (but can float) and can only be killed by destroying the brain. They are attracted to loud noises and movement. People who are bitten by a zombie will die and reanimate after a period of between a few minutes and 24 hours.

    This challenge has a lot of scope for freedom and interpretation:

    You could map an existing location converted into a zombie fortress...
    You could map a zombie-related location from fiction - eg The Walking Dead's Alexandria or Shaun of the Dead's Winchester Pub
    You could map a zombie fortress as though the undead apocalypse happened in another era (eg medieval zombies, future-world zombies)...
    Whatever else your fertile (and juicy...) brains can come up with

    This option is the same as the above, but instead of zombies each participant gets to choose what hideous beasties, terrible monsters, or ghastly ghouls their survivors are going to encounter, from mythology, folklore, fiction or imagination. For example, werewolves, vampires, demons, goblins, the 'zombie' super-things from "I Am Legend", skeletons, ghosts, etc.
    You can choose either the 'classic' zombie survival fortress of Option One, or opt for whatever other survival scenario you can come up with - Option Two. The choice is yours.

    Head for the challenge folder and stake your vampire claim for a gold compass.

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