• Weekly Round-up - 5th November, 2018

    Welcome to the weekly round-up, a summary of what’s happened at the Guild over the past seven days.

    Challenge News

    October 2018 challenge : Photography-Cartography

    Congratulations to Shall Teclex for winning October's challenge with map 'Masters of Ixtehcoatl'. This map was the clear favourite and won by a quite substantial margin! Shall wins a third gold compass. Check out the WIP thread here.

    Honourable mention to runner-up Gidde with map 'The Nine Towers of Edemora'.

    November 2018 challenge : Map A Story

    November's challenge is hot off the press. Gidde writes...
    In honor of National Novel Writing Month, this month's challenge is Map A Story.

    If you are participating in NaNoWriMo, here's your chance to make a map for your project. If you are not, tell us a story with your map!

    This is a challenge that could go off the rails in a couple of ways, so here are some ground rules:

    • The focus here is the map, so please don't post your entire novel. For all of us writers, this is a great chance to practice our pitch!
    • It doesn't necessarily have to be your story, but it must be your original map. Please respect copyrights.
    • You may already have a map for your story; this one must be started and completed during the challenge. If you already have a world map, create a region, a city, or a scene's "encounter map".

    If you have questions, head for the intro thread.

    Oct / Nov '18 Lite Challenge: Finish Mapping this Island

    There are less than 10 days before the current Lite Challenge ends, so still time to enter if you get moving!

    We've got some great entries already, and you can have a peek at them here.

    Five threads to check out

    The latest work-in-progress threads, interesting discussions, new tutorials etc etc. It's all here.

    Five Finished Maps

    Check out our latest completed maps from the last week.

    Around the web

    Some links for your reading/viewing pleasure.

    Some mapping eye candy...

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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. MapMappingMapped's Avatar
      MapMappingMapped -
      nice box of info, ChickPea! Thanks a bunch!
    1. Falconius's Avatar
      Falconius -
      Flat earthers are a strange bunch. I like the picture with the water because we literally see water behave in all those ways. Thanks for the roundup Chickpea.
    1. ChickPea's Avatar
      ChickPea -
      Thanks, MMM!

      Falconius, the upside down plane theory amused me. And it feels entirely appropriate that they use Comic Sans on their literature.
    1. Falconius's Avatar
      Falconius -
      Lol. It's interesting that the water picture also shows the water in a container with walls around it. What I really don't get about them though is their motivation,or indeed what they think the motivation behind the Globe Cabal Plotters would be? "They have a nefarious round worldveiw! No! We must not allow this, lest we and our children fall off into the sky!"
    1. ChickPea's Avatar
      ChickPea -
      I think logic took a walk a long time ago with these people.