• Weekly Round-up - 26th November, 2018

    Image credits:
    Left: 'Ruins of the Last King', by Eri
    Right: 'Huly's Rest', by Kellerica
    Joint winners of the Oct/Nov 2018 Lite Challenge

    Welcome to the weekly round-up, a summary of what’s happened at the Guild over the past seven days.

    Challenge News

    Oct / Nov '18 Lite Challenge: Finish Mapping this Island

    Our last Lite Challenge produced some great maps, and some hard choices when it came to voting time! We had two winners this month, so joint congrats to Eri for map 'Ruins of the Last King', and to Kellerica for 'Huly's Rest'. Honourable mention to runner up Tenia for the gorgeous 'Island of Nowhere'.

    Nov / Dec '18 Lite Challenge: Map the ruins of a lost city/fortress

    The new Lite Challenge is up and running, with a few maps started already. Bogie writes...

    This month's Challenge was suggested by MadMappingMapped, you can see his original thread here: Link to Suggestion
    Basically, map an ancient place that is in ruins. It can be real, like Machu Picchu, legendary, like Atlantis, or fictional, like Mordor. Or something that is entirely your own creation.

    Head for the intro thread if you have questions, or check out the current entries here.

    November 2018 challenge : Map A Story

    There are just a few days remaining before November's challenge ends, so finish up those maps!

    Take a look at the current entries in the main challenge folder.

    Cartographers' Choice

    We have a new Cartographers' Choice award! Congratulations to Shall Teclex for her amazing map 'Masters of Ixtehcoatl'. See the map and read more about it here.

    Five Finished Maps

    Check out our latest completed maps from the last week.

    Around the web

    Some links for your reading/viewing pleasure.

    Note about future round-up posts: I'm struggling with time for these weekly blog posts, so I'm switching to a monthly round-up for the foreseeable future. The post will go up probably around the end of the first week of the month or thereabouts. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments!

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    1. Kellerica's Avatar
      Kellerica -
      Don't worry about the time, CP, we'll be fine with just the monthly updates as well Don't stress yourself out, yeah?

      Thanks for writing these, you always have cool links to share!
    1. MistyBeee's Avatar
      MistyBeee -
      Totally agreeing with Kell : you're already doing so much for the Guild, being everywhere, with a kind word for everyone
    1. ChickPea's Avatar
      ChickPea -
      Thanks so much for the comments. It means a lot.
    1. ThomasR's Avatar
      ThomasR -
      Thanks for all those bundle of mappyness Ruby and you deserve some rest